Oracle Live Experience

August 2019

Add Oracle Live Experience to iOS Apps

Oracle Live Experience allows you to design experiences that are adaptive to individual customer journeys. The Mobile Component for iOS comes with pre-built UIs to integrate digital customer engagements into your iOS application. The examples of the engagements are:

Add Live Experience Features

Follow these steps to add Live Experience Features to your iOS application:

  1. Prepare your App for the Live Experience Mobile Component

    Before integrating your iOS app with Live Experience, verify that your existing iOS app and development environment meet some minimum criteria.

  2. Authenticate with Live Experience for iOS

    You authenticate with Live Experience by retrieving a Java Web Token which you then pass to Live Experience.

  3. Configure Live Experience Service Information for the Live Experience Mobile Component

    Once you've got your authentication token, you'll configure a few additional necessary service parameters.

Browse the iOS SDK API Documentation

You can take a look at the detailed Live Experience iOS API here.

Customize and Localize the Messages and Text in Live Experience

Learn how you can customize and localize Live Experience messages.