Oracle Live Experience

August 2020

Key Solutions and Concepts for Administrators

If your Live Experience account has the administrator role, then you can use the Live Experience Admin Console to turn on powerful features and design solutions to enable your customers to engage with you the best way possible.

You open the Admin Console in a web browser. Go to one of the following URLs to get started:

Configure and Use Meetings to Engage Your Customers

Hands On: Managing Live Experience Users and Teams

Focus Your Resources: Get Your Customers to the Right Team with the Right Skills

Hands On: Live Experience Engagement Scenarios (Choosing the Right Digital Channels for the Job)

This example workflow explains how to determine how many engagement scenarios you need and how to configure them to engage your customers at the right time, the right place, and iwth the right context.

Enable Outbound Calling in Live Experience

Enable your associates to call your customers directly, right from the Associate Desktop.

Send and Receive SMS Messages in Live Experience

Verify Your Customer's Identity Using Live Experience (In-Channel ID Verification)

You want your customers to use your mobile app to apply for products and services, but you need to verify their identity as part of the process. Now, your customers can use your mobile app to have their official documents authenticated, and you can use a Live Experience video call to verify their identity!

Route PSTN Calls to Your Associates in Live Experience

Configure Live Experience to receive calls from PSTN phone numbers and route them to your associates.

Customize the Appearance of Live Experience

Customize and Localize the Messages and Text in Live Experience

Audio Transcriptions: Create Text Records of Your Engagements

Live Experience Customer Data Collection and Management