2 About implementing Oracle Monetization Cloud

This document provides an overview of how to implement Oracle Monetization Cloud. For background information, see Overview of Oracle Monetization Cloud.

Topics in this document

About the implementation process

To implement Oracle Monetization Cloud, you first complete a subscription process with Oracle. Oracle creates your cloud instance on the Oracle servers.

During the process of creating your instance, Oracle performs an initial environment configuration. When your instance is ready, Oracle provides a home page URL that you sign in to.

Your first activities are:

  • Use the User Management application to create Oracle Monetization Cloud users, such as financial analysts and operations personnel users. See Implementing role-based application security.

  • Use the Business Configuration application to perform system-wide configuration tasks. For example, you can specify the minimum amount to charge a customer's credit card. These configuration tasks should be completed before you create customer accounts. However, with the exception of configuring timestamp rounding, you can change them at any time. See Setting up business configuration options.

  • Use the System Configuration application to integrate your instance with external systems, such as a payment processor. See About integrating your business systems.

After completing these tasks, you can:

Developing, testing, and implementing your configuration changes

You have access to two separate cloud environments; a production environment and a development environment. You typically sign in to a development environment to create and test pricing components and pricing setup components. For example, you can create pricing components, use a test account to purchase the pricing components, and then run billing on the development environment to determine if charges are processed in the way you expect. After your changes are tested, you send configuration changes to the production environment.

The environment you sign in to depends on your user entitlements. When users are created, a sign-in name is defined. That sign-in name is associated with entitlements that determine which environment can be accessed.

For example, if you use Offer Design to create and test pricing components, your user name would automatically sign you in to the development environment. If your responsibility is to load pricing components into the production database, your user name would automatically sign you in to the production environment.