1 Overview of Oracle Monetization Cloud

This document provides an overview of Oracle Monetization Cloud.

Topics in this document

About Oracle Monetization Cloud

Oracle Monetization Cloud is a cloud-based charging, billing, payments, and revenue management platform for subscription-based products and services. You can do the following:

Using Oracle Monetization Cloud provides the following benefits:

  • Manages the entire life-cycle: It supports the full life-cycle of subscription services, from on-boarding subscribers, to rapidly launching and modifying innovative offerings, to leveraging flexible rating, discounting and billing capabilities, to customizing invoices, to analyzing business performance through robust reporting.

  • Integrates with external systems: It includes connectors and standard web-based SOAP and REST APIs for integrating with front-office and back-office systems, such as third-party CRM applications, e-commerce applications, ERP systems, and payment and tax gateways.

  • Complies with industry standards: It fully complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) standards. It supports re-invoicing and recognition of seven types of revenue that allow you to reduce risk, combat revenue leakage, and ensure audit compliance.

About Oracle Monetization Cloud applications

Oracle provides a cloud instance, including a home page URL, where you access your environment. The home page contains links to these applications:

Application Description
Subscriber Management For creating accounts and managing subscribers, accounts receivable, invoices, and payments.

See Getting started with Subscriber Management.

Offer Design For defining your product offerings.

See Getting started with Offer Design.

Business Operations For scheduling and monitoring billing, payment, deferred actions, invoicing, and general ledger (G/L) report jobs and for tracking business trends.

See Getting started with Business Operations.

Business Configuration For configuring services, events, balance elements, and business configuration parameters.

See Getting started with Business Configuration.

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher For running financial, subscriber, and compliance reports.

See Running reports.

System Configuration For configuring connections to external systems.

See About integrating your business systems.

User Management For creating and managing users, roles, and passwords.

See Implementing role-based application security.

Supported browsers

Oracle tests the cloud applications with the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox version 39

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11

  • Google Chrome version 43

  • Apple Safari version 8.0.6

Other browsers might work, but Oracle doesn't provide assistance or support for nontested browsers.

About user names and user roles

When you sign in to Oracle Monetization Cloud, you enter a user name. The user name is associated with roles that determine which applications you can use. For example:

  • If you sign in and you have the Pricing Analyst role, you can create pricing components by using Offer Design.

  • If you sign in and you have the Pricing Reviewer role, you can look at pricing components by using Offer Design, but you can't create or edit them.

If your roles do not allow you to use an application, that application doesn't appear in the Oracle Monetization Cloud home page.

Roles also determine the functionality that you can use in a single application. For example, your roles might allow you to use Business Configuration to create tax codes, but not services and events.

For more information, see Implementing role-based application security.