10 Frequently asked questions: designing offers

Find answers to common questions you have about designing offers in Oracle Monetization Cloud.

How do I create a monthly charge?

In Offer Design, create a charge offer and use a recurring charge. For example, to create a monthly fee that's charged in advance, use Monthly Cycle Forward.

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See Creating charge offers.

How do I grant an allowance such as Minutes or Downloads to subscribers?

In Offer Design, create a recurring charge with a balance impact that credits the amount of an allowance and a balance impact that debits the charge amount. To enable the subscriber to use the minutes, create a usage charge and an allowance discount that credits the usage charge when there's an available allowance.

See Creating charge offers and Creating discount offers.

Can I offer different types of packages to different types of subscribers?

Yes. In Offer Design, you can create package lists to organize packages according to a type of customer or type of package; for example:

  • Customers in a particular location, such as Canada

  • Packages that include promotional discounts offered for a limited time

See Creating package lists.

Can I bill a subscriber as soon as they purchase an offer?

Yes. When you create a bundle or a package in Offer Design, enable Bill on Purchase. When a customer purchases the bundle, a bill is generated immediately for the purchase fees associated with the bundle.


Only purchase fees are billed on purchase, not usage fees or recurring charges.

See Creating bundles and Creating packages.

How do I create a limited-time offer?

In offers, bundles, and packages, use validity period dates and purchase dates. See Configuring validity periods.

Can a charge offer include more than one monthly fee?

No. You can include one of each type of recurring fee in a charge offer; for example, one monthly fee, one annual fee, and so on.

Similarly, you can include only one purchase fee and one cancellation fee.

To include multiple fees of the same type, create multiple charge offers and include them in the same bundle.

Why can't I see my Business Configuration changes in Offer Design?

In Business Configuration, check whether your changeset has been submitted successfully. Any pricing and financial components that you worked on won't be visible to other applications until the changeset has been submitted successfully.

If there are problems with your components, Business Configuration displays error messages when you validate or submit your changeset. A changeset might fail for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • You don't have the appropriate permissions to submit changesets. You must have both the DesignCenterAdapterGroup and JDGroup functional roles.

  • Your components are valid, but an associated subcomponent isn't valid.

See Managing configuration changes in the cloud and Implementing role-based application security.