2 Design Studio System Requirements

This chapter lists the minimum system requirements necessary for individual Design Studio users to successfully install and run Oracle Communications Design Studio.

See "Hardware Sizing Guidelines" for information about hardware sizing recommendations.

Software Requirements

This section describes the software requirements required to install and use Design Studio.

Operating System Requirements

Table 2-1 lists the operating systems supported by Design Studio.

Table 2-1 Operating System Requirements

Product Version

Windows 7


Windows 10


Additional Software Requirements

Table 2-2 lists the additional software required to install and use Design Studio.

Table 2-2 Additional Software Requirements

Product Version

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

Version (or later), based on Eclipse Photon (4.8.0)


Java 8 (use the latest service pack)

Eclipse Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Charting feature

Eclipse Photon (4.8.0)

Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework Zest Visualization Toolkit feature

Eclipse Photon (4.8.0)

Hardware Requirements

Table 2-3 lists the minimum hardware required to install and use Design Studio.

Application performance is directly related to processor performance and memory. For larger projects, consider increasing the processor power and the initial memory and maximum memory settings for the Java heap size.

Table 2-3 Minimum Hardware Requirements

Component Requirement


Minimum Intel dual core (or equivalent)


Recommended 8 GB or above


Screen Resolution:

  • Recommended: Full HD (1920x1080), 32-bit color, 16:9 ratio

  • Minimum: 1366x768 or 1280x800

Design Studio Product Compatibility

Design Studio is compatible with specific Oracle Communications applications releases. The Design Studio Product Compatibility Matrix is available on the Oracle Help Center. For more information, click the link below, then click the appropriate release:


Design Studio Feature Dependencies

The Design Studio installation is an aggregation of individual features. When you install Design Studio, you install the full feature set (you do not install individual features). The following Design Studio individual features are included in the installation:

  • Design Studio Platform

  • Design Studio Domain Modeling

  • Design Studio for Activation

  • Design Studio for Activation SRT

  • Design Studio for IP Service Activator

  • Design Studio for Order and Service Management

  • Design Studio for Order and Service Management Orchestration

  • Design Studio Integration (includes the Design Studio Activation Task feature)

  • Design Studio for Network Integrity

  • Design Studio for Unified Inventory Management

  • Oracle Communications Design Studio Design Pattern

  • Oracle Communications Design Studio Guided Assistance

  • Oracle Communications Design Studio Reference Reports