9.3 Configuring Your Database for Basic Backup and Recovery

This section explains how to set up your database to take advantage of Oracle suggested backup strategies.

To take maximum advantage of Oracle Database features that automatically manage backup and recovery files and operations, configure your database as follows:

  • Use a fast recovery area, which automates storage management for most backup-related files, and specify it as an archived redo log file destination.

  • Run the database in ARCHIVELOG mode so you can perform online backups and have data recovery options such as complete and point-in-time media recovery.

You must also set several policies governing which files are backed up, what format is used to store backups on disk, and when files become eligible for deletion.

In a multitenant environment, you must connect to the root and configure backup and recovery settings for the whole multitenant container database (CDB). These settings are applicable to the root and to all pluggable databases (PDBs) in the CDB.

This section contains the following topics: