3.7 Granting Access to EM Express for Nonadministrative Users

As a database administrator, you can log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express (EM Express) with the SYS or SYSTEM user account to perform administrative and other tasks. Nonadministrative users may also want to log in to EM Express. For example, application developers may want to take advantage of the EM Express interface to create or modify tables, indexes, views, and so on. You must grant access to EM Express to these users before they can log in.

For nonadministrative users to have access to EM Express, they must be granted the EM_EXPRESS_BASIC or the EM_EXPRESS_ALL role.

The EM_EXPRESS_BASIC role enables users to connect to EM Express and to view the pages in read-only mode. The EM_EXPRESS_BASIC role includes the SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE role.

The EM_EXPRESS_ALL role enables users to connect to EM Express and use all the functionality provided by EM Express (read/write access to all EM Express features). The EM_EXPRESS_ALL role includes the EM_EXPRESS_BASIC role.

For an example of granting privileges and roles to a user account, see "Example: Granting Privileges and Roles to a User Account".

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