9.2.7 Fast Recovery Area

To simplify the management of backup and recovery files, you can create a fast recovery area for your database. The fast recovery area is an Oracle-managed directory, file system, or Oracle Automatic Storage Management disk group that provides a centralized storage location for backup and recovery files. Oracle creates archived logs and flashback logs in the fast recovery area. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) can store its backup sets and image copies in the fast recovery area, and it uses it when restoring files during media recovery. The fast recovery area also acts as a disk cache for tape.

Oracle Database automatically manages this storage, deleting files that are no longer needed. Periodically copying backups to tape frees space in the fast recovery area for other files.

When you issue the RMAN BACKUP command without specifying a backup destination, RMAN automatically backs up to the fast recovery area if it is configured.

Oracle recommends that you configure a fast recovery area to simplify backup management. Except as noted, this documentation assumes the use of a recovery area.