The DBMS_APP_CONT package provides an interface to determine if the in-flight transaction on a now unavailable session committed or not, and if the last call on that session completed or not.

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Problem Description

One of the fundamental problems for recovering applications after an outage is that the commit message that is sent back to the client is not durable. If there is a break between the client and the server, the client sees an error message indicating that the communication failed. This error does not inform the application whether the submission executed any commit operations or if a procedural call, ran to completion executing all expected commits and session state changes or failed part way through or yet worse, is still running disconnected from the client.


The purpose of the GET_LTXID_OUTCOME Procedure is to determine if the in-flight transaction on a now unavailable session completed or not. It is used when the original session returned an error due to unavailability. Situations that can cause such session unavailability may occur at the session, instance, server, or network, and result from planned or unplanned outages. When such an outage occurs, the application receives a disconnection error. Such an error provides no insight as to whether the transaction committed. It also does not reveal what the application might have been expecting from that commit if it had returned.

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Security Model

Applications must have the EXECUTE privilege on the DBMS_APP_CONT package. To grant this privilege, ask your database administrator to run the following SQL statement:

GRANT execute on DBMS_APP_CONT to application user ;

Summary of DBMS_APP_CONT Subprograms

Table 21-1 DBMS_APP_CONT Package Subprograms

Subprogram Description


Lets customer applications and third party application servers determine the transactional status of the last session when that session becomes unavailable.


This procedure lets customer applications and third party application servers determine the transactional status of the last session when that session becomes unavailable.


 client_ltxid          IN    RAW, 
 committed             OUT   BOOLEAN, 
 user_call_completed   OUT   BOOLEAN)


Table 21-2 GET_LTXID_OUTCOME Procedure Parameters

Parameter Description


Client-side logical transaction ID. Obtain the LTXID from the previous failed session using the client driver provided APIs - getLTXID for JDBC, and LogicalTransactionId for ODP.net., and OCI_ATTR_GET with LTXID for OCI.


Returns TRUE if the transaction with the named logical LTXID has COMMITTED. Returns FALSE if the logical LTXID has not COMMITTED. When returning FALSE, the procedure blocks the LTXID from further use so that there is no possibility of previous in-flight work committing this LTXID.


Whether all information has been returned to the client. Examples of such messages are the number of rows processed when using autocommit or commit on success, parameter and function results when calling PL/SQL, or PL/SQL with more work to do after the COMMIT. Applications that expect to use data returned from the commit in order to function correctly must look at this second parameter.


Table 21-3 GET_LTXID_OUTCOME Procedure Exceptions

Exception Description


The server is ahead so the transaction is both an old transaction and one which has already committed. This is an error as the application is passing an older LTXID that is the not the last used for that session. The purpose of GET_LTXID_OUTCOME is to return the current transaction outcome for that session after a recoverable outage.


The client is ahead of the server. This can happen if the server has been flashed backed, recovered using media recovery, or is a standby that has opened earlier with data loss.


Executing GET_LTXID_OUTCOME is not supported on the session owning the LTXID as it blocks further processing on that session after a recoverable outage.


Your session has been blocked from committing by another user with the same username using GET_LTXID_OUTCOME. GET_LTXID_OUTCOME should only be called on dead sessions. Please check with your application administrator.

ORA-14952 - ERROR

The outcome cannot be determined. During processing an error happened. The error stack shows the error detail.