Summary of Procedure for Creating a Text Index

By default, the system expects your documents to be stored in a text column. Once this requirement is satisfied, you can create a Text index using the CREATE INDEX SQL statement as an extensible index of type CONTEXT, without explicitly specifying any preferences. The system automatically detects your language, the datatype of the text column, format of documents, and sets indexing preferences accordingly.

To create an Oracle Text index:

  1. Optionally, determine your custom indexing preferences, section groups, or stoplists if not using defaults. The following table describes these indexing classes:

    Class Description


    How are your documents stored?


    How can the documents be converted to plaintext?


    What language is being indexed?


    How should stem and fuzzy queries be expanded?


    How should the index data be stored?

    Stop List

    What words or themes are not to be indexed?

    Section Group

    How are documents sections defined?

  2. Optionally, create your own custom preferences, section groups, or stoplists. See "Creating Preferences ".

  3. Create the Text index with the SQL statement CREATE INDEX, naming your index and optionally specifying preferences. See "Creating a CONTEXT Index".

See Also:

"Considerations for Oracle Text Indexing" and CREATE INDEX topic in Oracle Text Reference