The graphic is divided into two boxes with dotted borders, one on top of the other. The top is labeled "Branch Blocks" and the lower "Leaf Blocks." The graphic contains a tree of boxes. At the top is a box with the following values: 0-60, 81-100, 101.160, and so on. Three arrows point to a second row of branch blocks. One block in this row has values 0-30 and 31-60. An adjacent block has values 61-68, 69-73, and so on. The last block has values 200-220, 221-230, and so on.

The leftmost and rightmost blocks each has a pair of arrows pointing down. The leftmost arrow points to a leaf block containing the following values: "20,Marketing,201,1800" and "30,Purchasing,114,1700". The block to the right contains the following values: "50,Shipping,121,1500" and "60,IT,103,1400". The next block contains values: "200,Operations, null,1700", "210,IT Support, null,1700", and "220,NOC,1700". The rightmost block contains the following values: "260,Recruiting, null,1700" and "270,Payroll, null,1700". With the exception of the leftmost and rightmost block, each of the leaf blocks in the bottom row is linked by a double-headed arrow to the block on either side.