crsctl eval modify resource

Use the crsctl eval modify resource command to predict the effects of modifying a resource without making changes to the system.


crsctl eval modify resource resource_name -attr "attribute_name=attribute_value"


Table E-9 crsctl eval modify resource Command Parameters

Parameter Description

The name of the resource you want to modify.

-attr "attribute_name=

You can specify attributes for a resource you want to modify in two different ways:

  • Following the -attr flag, you can specify one or more comma-delimited attribute name-value pairs to modify enclosed in double quotations marks (""). For example:


    Some attributes can have multiple values. In those cases, separate the values with a space and enclose the list of values in single quotation marks. For example:

    'ora.pool1 ora.pool2',START_TIMEOUT=25"
  • Alternatively, you can specify attribute values for resources on a particular server, with a particular cardinality value, and with a particular degree value. This method can be useful for applications that are somehow tied to a particular server. Following the -attr flag, the syntax is as follows:

    [@DEGREEID(did)] | @CARDINALITYID(cid)

    If you specify the @SERVERNAME(server_name) syntax, then the attribute value you specify for the attribute you specify is limited to resources residing on the server you specify.

    Alternatively, if you specify the @CARDINALITYID(cid) syntax, then the attribute value you specify for the attribute you specify is limited to resource instances with a specific cardinality ID (cid).

    Optionally, you can combine the @DEGREEID(did) syntax with either the SERVERNAME or CARDINALITYID syntax, or both, to limit the attribute value to resources with the specific DEGREE.



Specify this parameter to evaluate what happens if you run the command with the force parameter.

See Also:

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