Managing Oracle Cluster Registry and Oracle Local Registry

This section describes how to manage OCR and the Oracle Local Registry (OLR) with the following utilities: OCRCONFIG, OCRDUMP, and OCRCHECK.

OCR contains information about all Oracle resources in the cluster.

OLR is a registry similar to OCR located on each node in a cluster, but contains information specific to each node. It contains manageability information about Oracle Clusterware, including dependencies between various services. Oracle High Availability Services uses this information. OLR is located on local storage on each node in a cluster. Its default location is in the path Grid_home/cdata/host_name.olr, where Grid_home is the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home, and host_name is the host name of the node.

This section describes how to administer OCR in the following topics:

See Also:

"About OCRCONFIG" for information about the OCRCONFIG utility, and "Troubleshooting Oracle Cluster Registry" for information about the OCRDUMP and OCRCHECK utilities