Changes in Oracle Clusterware 12c Release 1 (

The following features are new in this release:

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Oracle Database New Features Guide for a complete description of the features in Oracle Database 12c

  • Rapid Home Provisioning

    Rapid Home Provisioning enables you to deploy Oracle homes based on images stored in a catalog of precreated software homes.

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    Rapid Home Provisioning for more information

  • Memory Guard Does Not Require Oracle Database QoS Management to be Active

    With this release, Memory Guard is enabled by default independent of whether you use Oracle Database Quality of Service Management (Oracle Database QoS Management). Memory Guard detects memory stress on a node and causes new sessions to be directed to other instances until the existing workload drains and frees memory. When free memory increases on the node, then services are enabled again to automatically accept new connections.

  • Oracle Clusterware support for the Diagnosability Framework

    The Diagnosability Framework enables Oracle products to use a standardized and simplified way of storing and analyzing diagnosability data.

    See Also:

    "Oracle Clusterware Diagnostic and Alert Log Data" for more information

  • Oracle Trace File Analyzer Collector

    The Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) Collector is a diagnostic collection utility to simplify diagnostic data collection for Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Grid Infrastructure, and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) systems.

    See Also:

    "Oracle Trace File Analyzer Collector" for more information

  • Automatic Installation of Grid Infrastructure Management Repository

    The Grid Infrastructure Management Repository is automatically installed with Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c release 1 ( The Grid Infrastructure Management Repository enables such features as Cluster Health Monitor, Oracle Database QoS Management, and Rapid Home Provisioning, and provides a historical metric repository that simplifies viewing of past performance and diagnosis of issues. This capability is fully integrated into Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control for seamless management.