A space-delimited list of the server pools to which a particular resource can belong. If a resource can run on any server in a cluster, then use the default value, *, unless the resource is a cluster_resource type, in which case, the default value for the SERVER_POOLS attribute is empty. Only cluster administrators can specify * as the value for this attribute.

  • Use the PLACEMENT attribute with the SERVER_POOLS attribute, as follows: If you set the value of the PLACEMENT attribute to either restricted or favored, then you must also provide a value for the SERVER_POOLS attribute when using policy management for the resource.

  • If the value for PLACEMENT is set to balanced, then the resource only runs in the Generic and Free pools, unless SERVER_POOLS=*.

This attribute creates an affinity between a resource and one or more server pools regarding placement, and depends on the value of the PLACEMENT attribute.

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Usage Example

SERVER_POOLS=pool1 pool2 pool3