crsctl modify serverpool

Use the crsctl modify serverpool command to modify an existing server pool.


crsctl modify serverpool server_pool_name -attr "attr_name=attr_value
   [,attr_name=attr_value[, ...]]" [-policy policyName | -all_policies]
[-i] [-f]


Table E-49 crsctl modify serverpool Command Parameters

Parameter Description

The name of the server pool you want to modify.


The name of a server pool attribute you want to modify preceded by the -attr flag.

See Also: Table 3-1 for details about server pool attributes


A value for the server pool attribute.

Note: The attr_name and attr_value parameters must be enclosed in double quotation marks ("") and separated by commas. For example:

-policy policyName |

Specify a particular policy or all policies for which you want to modify the server pool definition.


If you specify -i, then the command fails if Oracle Clusterware cannot process the request immediately.


If you specify the -f parameter, then Oracle Clusterware stops resources running on a server in another server pool and relocates that server into the server pool you are adding.

If you do not specify the -f parameter, then Oracle Clusterware checks whether the creation of the server pool results in stopping any resources on a server in another server pool that is going to give up a server to the server pool you are adding. If so, then Oracle Clusterware rejects the crsctl add serverpool command.

See Also:

"How Server Pools Work" for more information about server pools and server pool attributes

Usage Notes

  • The server_pool_name parameter is required

  • If an attribute value for an attribute name-value pair contains commas, then the value must be enclosed in single quotation marks (''). For example:

  • Running this command may result in Oracle Clusterware relocating other servers between server pools to comply with the new configuration

  • Do not use this command for any server pools with names that begin with ora because these server pools are Oracle server pools

  • While you can use this command in either environment, it is only useful in the Oracle RAC environment


To modify an existing server pool, run the following command as root or the Oracle Clusterware installation owner:

# crsctl modify serverpool sp1 -attr "MAX_SIZE=7"