The ACTIONS attribute declares a table of names that lists the actions that Oracle Clusterware can perform on a resource and the permissions that correspond to the actions. The ACTIONS attribute contains a space-delimited list of action specifications, where each specification has the following format, where:

  • actionName is the name of the action (the maximum length is 32 US7ASCII alphanumeric, case-sensitive characters)

  • userName is an operating system user name that is enabled to perform the action

  • groupName is an operating system group name that is enabled to perform the action

actionName [,user:userName | group:groupName][ ...]

If you do not specify a userName or groupName, then Oracle Clusterware assumes that the actions are universally accessible.

Usage Example

The following example enables multiple actions:

ACTIONS='action1 action2,user:user2 action3,group:group1'