Specifies a set of relationships that Oracle Clusterware considers when stopping a resource.


STOP_DEPENDENCIES=dependency(resource_set) [dependency(resource_set)] ...

In the preceding syntax example the variables are defined, as follows:

  • dependency: The only possible value is hard.

  • resource_set: A comma-delimited list, in the form of res1[, res2 [,...]], of resource entities—either individual resources or resource types—upon which the resource you are configuring depends.

    Each resource entity is defined, as follows:

    [modifier1:[modifier2:][modifier3:]] resource_name | type:resource_type

    In the preceding syntax example, resource_name is the name of a specific resource and type:resource_type is the name of a specific resource type. The resource type must be preceded by type:.

    Optionally, you can specify modifiers to further configure resource entity dependencies. You can modify each dependency by prefixing the following modifiers to the resource entity:

    hard([intermediate:][global:][shutdown:]{resource_name | type:resource_type})—Specify a hard stop dependency for a resource that you want to stop when named resources or resources of a particular resource type stop.

    Use intermediate to specify that the dependent resource can remain in an ONLINE state if a resource is in either the ONLINE or INTERMEDIATE state. If not specified, then Oracle Clusterware stops the dependent resource unless resources are in the ONLINE state.

    Use global to specify that the dependent resource remains in an ONLINE state if a resource is in an ONLINE state on any node in the cluster. If not specified, then when resources residing on the same server go offline, Oracle Clusterware stops the dependent resource.

    Use shutdown to apply this dependency when the Oracle Clusterware stack is shut down. This is a convenient way to affect the order of stopping resources when stopping the stack, without having any affect on planned or unplanned events on the individual resources. This dependency, when used with the shutdown modifier, does not go into effect if somebody stops the resource directly, but only when the stack is shut down.

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