Server Category Attributes

You define servers into named categories, and assign attributes that define servers as members of that category. Some attributes that you can use to define members of a category describe the state conditions for the server, and others describe the physical characteristics of the server. You can also create your own characteristics to define servers as members of a particular category.


If you change the value of any of the server attributes listed in the EXPRESSION server category attribute, then you must restart the Oracle Clusterware technology stack on the affected servers before the new values take effect.

Table 3-6 lists and describes possible server category attributes.

Table 3-6 Server Category Attributes

Attribute Values and Format Description


The name of the server category, which you must specify when you create the server category. Server category names must be unique within the domain of names of user-created entities, such as resources, types, and servers. A server pool name has a 254 character limit and can contain any platform-supported characters except the exclamation point (!) and the tilde (~). A server pool name cannot begin with a period nor with ora.


hub, leaf

Active role for the server, which can be either of the following:

hub: The server is a Hub Node in either an Oracle Flex Cluster or an Oracle Clusterware standard Cluster. This is the default value in either case.

leaf: The server is a Leaf Node in an Oracle Flex Cluster.


String in the following format:


A set of server attribute names, values, and conditions that can be evaluated for each server to determine whether it belongs to the category. Table 3-4 lists and describes server attributes.

Acceptable comparison operators include:

  • =: equal
  • eqi: equal, case insensitive
  • >: greater than
  • <: less than
  • !=: not equal
  • co: contains
  • coi: contains, case insensitive
  • st: starts with
  • en: ends with
  • nc: does not contain
  • nci: does not contain, case insensitive

Acceptable boolean operators include:

  • AND
  • OR

Note: Spaces must surround the operators used in the EXPRESSION string.

For example:

EXPRESSION='((NAME = server1) OR (NAME = server2))'"