Modifying Voting Files that are Not Stored on Oracle ASM

  • To display the voting file FUID and file path of each current voting file, run the following command:

    $ crsctl query css votedisk
    ##  STATE    File Universal Id                File Name Disk group
    --  -----    -----------------                --------- ---------
     1. ONLINE   7c54856e98474f61bf349401e7c9fb95 (/cfs/host09_vd3) []

    This command returns a disk sequence number, the status of the disk, the FUID, and the path of the disk and no name of an Oracle ASM disk group.

  • To add one or more voting files, run the following command, replacing the path_to_voting_disk variable with one or more space-delimited, complete paths to the voting files you want to add:

    $ crsctl add css votedisk path_to_voting_disk [...]
  • To replace voting file A with voting file B, you must add voting file B, and then delete voting file A. To add a new disk and remove the existing disk, run the following command, replacing the path_to_voting_diskB variable with the fully qualified path name of voting file B:

    $ crsctl add css votedisk path_to_voting_diskB -purge

    The -purge option deletes existing voting files.

  • To remove a voting file, run the following command, specifying one or more space-delimited, voting file FUIDs or comma-delimited directory paths to the voting files you want to remove:

    $ crsctl delete css votedisk {FUID | path_to_voting_disk[...]}


If the cluster is down and cannot restart due to lost voting files, then you must start CSS in exclusive mode by running the following command, as root:

# crsctl start crs -excl

After you start CSS in exclusive mode, you can replace the voting file, as follows:

# crsctl replace votedisk path_to_voting_disk