This is a text description of asoag032.gif, an image which shows the structure of a typical Oracle Context. An Oracle Context is an entry in Oracle Internet Directory called cn=OracleContext. All Oracle software relevant information is kept in the Oracle Context, including entries for Oracle Net directory naming and enterprise user security. Each identity management realm in an Oracle Internet Directory instance has one Oracle Context.

This diagram shows a hierarchical structure that resembles an inverted tree. The identity management realm, labeled "realm DN" for realm distinguished name, is at the top of the tree. Branching off under the realm DN are containers for Users, Groups, and the Oracle Context. Branching off under the Oracle Context are containers for Products, Groups, and Database Servers (in this example, the Database Servers container is labeled "Sales.") Of these three containers that branch off of the Oracle Context container, Products and Groups are default container names. Under each of these containers additional sub-containers branch out as follows:

  1. The Products container holds two sub-containers. These are the subcontainer which holds the User Search Base and the Group Search Base, and the OracleDBSecurity subcontainer. These two subcontainers are both default containers. The OracleDBSecurity container has two sub-containers that branch off under it. These are: An Enterprise Domain container, labeled "Services" in this example, and the OracleDefaultDomain container. The OracleDefaultDomain container is a default container. Under the Enterprise Domain container that is labeled "Services," is one sub-container. This sub-container is the Services Domain container and it is labeled Domain Admins in this example. The second container under OracleDBSecurity, the OracleDefaultDomain container, has three sub-containers branching off under it. These are "Domain Admins," which is an example of a Default Domain container, "Schema Mapping," which is an example of a user-defined container, and the "Manager" sub-container, which is an example of an Enterprise Roles container.

  2. The Groups container is actually another subtree that branches off under the Oracle Context. It contains subtrees with root containers for the following groups: OracleDBCreators, OracleContextAdmins, OracleDBSecurityAdmins, OracleUserSecurityAdmins, and OraclePasswordAccessibleDomains.

  3. The Database Server container that is labeled "Sales" has three sub-containers that branch off under it. These sub-containers are OracleDBAdmins Group, Schema Mapping, and Networking. The Networking subcontainer is another subtree that branches off under the database server container. OracleDBAdminsGroup and Networking are default containers. User-Schema Mapping is an example of a user-defined container. All of these containers are described in the surrounding text.