1.5 About the Workspace Home Page

When you log in to Oracle Application Express, the Workspace home page appears. A workspace is a virtual private database allowing multiple users to work within the same Oracle Application Express installation while keeping their objects, data and applications private.

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The following large icons display in the center of the page:

Click the Learn more link in the About box to view an informative introduction to Oracle Application Express. Topics covered include architecture, self service, security, Websheets, application development, SQL Workshop, Team Development, administration, and managing development.

About the System Message and News Regions

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The system message displays at the top of the Workspace home page. The News region displays in the center of the page. Use these regions to communicate with other users in the workspace. To learn more, see "Defining a System Message" in Oracle Application Express Administration Guide and "Managing News Entries".

About Top Applications and Top Users

The Top Applications and Top Users dashboards display at the bottom of the page. These regions offer real time information about development activities in the current workspace.

About Search Workspace

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The Search Workspace field displays in the upper right corner of the Workspace home page. Use this field to search for application names, application ID and page, workspace images, workspace theme names, and other workspace components. By default, this field is case sensitive and supports regular expressions.

For example, to navigate to a specific application and page use the following formats:



  • application_ID is the numeric identification number (or ID) that identifies an application.

  • page is the numeric identification number that identifies a specific page.

Consider the following examples:


About Learn More

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Team Development

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Team Development enables you to manage the development process by tracking features, non-feature related tasks (or to dos), milestones, bugs, feedback, and milestones. To manage these items click the numbered link. To learn more, see "Managing the Development Process"

About Available Updates

This region displays whether a newer version of Oracle Application Express or Oracle Application Express Listener is available.

About Accessibility Mode

The Accessibility Mode list displays in the lower right side of the page. Use the Accessibility Mode list to identify if a page is optimized for screen readers. Available options include: Standard, Screen Reader, and High Contrast. To learn more, see "Accessibility in Oracle Application Express", "Using Screen Reader Mode in Your Database Applications", and "Using High Contrast Mode in Your Database Applications".