A DICOM Configuration Documents

This appendix lists the names of the DICOM configuration documents. These documents are loaded into the DICOM data model repository when Oracle Multimedia DICOM is installed.

Table A-1 lists the default DICOM configuration documents by name and type. It also lists an optional type and a type with no default configuration document.

Table A-1 DICOM Configuration Documents

Name Type


Default anonymity document




Default constraint documents

No default document

DICOM protocol document


Default mapping document


Default preference document


Default private dictionary document


Default standard dictionary document


Stored tag list document


UID definition document

The latest versions of these XML documents are available as files in the ord/xml directory under <ORACLE_HOME> when Oracle Multimedia DICOM is installed. See Section 2.4.1 for more information about these documents.

The DICOM configuration documents are associated with one or more DICOM XML schemas. The latest versions of these XML schemas are available as files in the ord/xml/xsd directory under <ORACLE_HOME>. To locate and examine the schemas, query the dictionary view ALL_XML_SCHEMAS (see Section 10.2.2). For additional information, read the documentation embedded within each schema file.

See Also:

Oracle Database Reference for more information about the dictionary view ALL_XML_SCHEMAS