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Oracle®Database JDBC Java API Reference
12c Release 1 (


  extended by oracle.sql.Datum
      extended by oracle.sql.DatumWithConnection
          extended by oracle.sql.STRUCT
              extended by oracle.sql.JAVA_STRUCT

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Struct, oracle.jdbc.internal.ACProxyable, oracle.jdbc.internal.OracleDatumWithConnection, OracleStruct

public class JAVA_STRUCT
extends STRUCT

A class for structured data type.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
static boolean TRACE


Constructor Summary
JAVA_STRUCT(StructDescriptor type, Connection conn, Object[] attributes)


Method Summary
 Object toJdbc()
          Oracle extension.


Methods inherited from class oracle.sql.STRUCT
dump, dump, dump, getACProxy, getAttributes, getAttributes, getAutoBuffering, getDescriptor, getJavaSqlConnection, getOracleAttributes, getOracleDataFactory, getOracleMetaData, getSQLTypeName, isConvertibleTo, setACProxy, setAutoBuffering


Methods inherited from class oracle.sql.DatumWithConnection
assertNotNull, assertNotNull, getConnection, getConnectionDuringExceptionHandling, getOracleConnection


Methods inherited from class oracle.sql.Datum
asciiStreamValue, bigDecimalValue, binaryStreamValue, booleanValue, bytesEqual, byteValue, characterStreamValue, compareBytes, dateValue, doubleValue, equals, floatValue, getBytes, getLength, getStream, intValue, isNull, longValue, setBytes, setShareBytes, shareBytes, stringValue, stringValue, timestampValue, timestampValue, timeValue, timeValue


Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait


Methods inherited from interface oracle.jdbc.internal.OracleDatumWithConnection
asciiStreamValue, bigDecimalValue, binaryStreamValue, booleanValue, byteValue, characterStreamValue, dateValue, doubleValue, floatValue, getBytes, getConnection, getInternalConnection, getLength, getOracleConnection, getStream, intValue, longValue, setBytes, setPhysicalConnectionOf, setShareBytes, shareBytes, stringValue, stringValue, timestampValue, timestampValue, timeValue, timeValue


Field Detail


public static final boolean TRACE
See Also:
Constant Field Values

Constructor Detail


public JAVA_STRUCT(StructDescriptor type,
                   Connection conn,
                   Object[] attributes)
            throws SQLException
Constructor. The raw bytes are computed at this time or a copy of attributes is made. In any event the caller is free to modify the array without affecting the values held in the STRUCT.
type - the SQLStructType used to convert the type to
attributes - the array specifying the attributes to be converted to raw bytes.
See Also:

Method Detail


public Object toJdbc()
              throws SQLException
Oracle extension. Returns the JDBC representation of the datum object
Specified by:
toJdbc in interface oracle.jdbc.internal.OracleDatumWithConnection
toJdbc in class STRUCT
an object containing the JDBC value
SQLException - if conversion to JDBC representation results in an error

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Oracle®Database JDBC Java API Reference
12c Release 1 (

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