26 OCI XStream Functions

This chapter describes the XStream functions for OCI.

A row logical change record (LCR) is used to encapsulate each row change. It includes the schema name, table name, DML operation, and the column values. For update operations, both before and after column values are included. The column data is in the format specified by the "Program Variable" column in Table 26-3. Character columns are converted to the client's character set.

A DDL LCR is used to encapsulate each DDL change. It includes the object name, the DDL text, and the DDL command, for example, ALTER TABLE or TRUNCATE TABLE. See Table A-1 for a list of DDL command codes.

See Also:

Oracle Database Globalization Support Guide for more information about NLS settings.

XStream sample programs are found in xstream/oci under the $ORACLE_HOME/demo directory.

Each LCR also has a transaction ID and position. For transactions captured outside Oracle databases, any byte-comparable RAW array can be used as the LCR position, if the position of each LCR in the stream is strictly increasing.

This chapter contains the topic:

Introduction to XStream Functions

This section includes the conventions used to describe the functions.

Conventions for OCI Functions

For each function, the following information is listed:


A brief description of the action performed by the function.


The function declaration.


A description of each of the function's parameters. This includes the parameter's mode. The mode of a parameter has three possible values, as described in Table 26-1.

Table 26-1 Mode of a Parameter

Mode Description


A parameter that passes data to the OCI.


A parameter that receives data from the OCI on this call.


A parameter that passes data on the call and receives data on the return from this or a subsequent call.


More detailed information about the function (if available), which can include return values, restrictions on the use of the function, examples, or other information that can be useful when using the function in an application.