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Changes in This Release for Pro*C/C++ Programmer's Guide

Part I Introduction and Concepts

1 Introduction

2 Precompiler Concepts

3 Database Concepts

4 Datatypes and Host Variables

5 Advanced Topics

6 Embedded SQL

7 Embedded PL/SQL

8 Host Arrays

9 Handling Runtime Errors

10 Precompiler Options

11 Multithreaded Applications

Part II Applications

12 C++ Applications

13 Oracle Dynamic SQL

14 ANSI Dynamic SQL

15 Oracle Dynamic SQL: Method 4

16 LOBs

17 Objects

18 Collections

19 The Object Type Translator

20 User Exits

Part III Appendixes

A Reserved Words, Keywords, and Namespaces

B Performance Tuning

C Syntactic and Semantic Checking

D System-Specific References

E Embedded SQL Statements and Directives

F Sample Programs

G Integrating Pro*C/C++ into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET