Moves an Oracle ASM SPFILE from source to destination and automatically updates the GPnP profile.

Syntax and Description

spmove source destination

Table 10-20 lists the options for the spmove command.

Table 10-20 Options for the spmove command

Option Description


Specifies the source file.


Specifies the destination file.

Note the following about the use of spmove:

  • spmove can move an Oracle ASM SPFILE when the open instance is using a PFILE or a different SPFILE. After moving the SPFILE, you must restart the instance with the SPFILE in the new location to use that SPFILE.

  • spmove cannot move an Oracle ASM SPFILE when the SPFILE is being used by an open Oracle ASM instance.

For information about copying and moving an Oracle ASM instance initialization parameter file after upgrading, see "About Backing Up_ Copying_ and Moving an Oracle ASM Initialization Parameter File".

To use spmove to move an Oracle ASM SPFILE into a disk group, the disk group attribute COMPATIBLE.ASM must be set to 11.2 or greater.


The following are examples of the spmove command. The first example moves an Oracle ASM SPFILE from the data disk group to an operating system location. The second example moves an SPFILE from an operating system location to the data disk group.

Example 10-26 Using the ASMCMD spmove command

ASMCMD> spmove +DATA/spfileASM.ora

ASMCMD> spmove /oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/dbs/spfile+ASM.ora