Retrieves the discovery diskstring value that is used by the Oracle ASM instance and its clients.

Syntax and Description

dsget [ --normal | --parameter | --profile [-f] ]

The syntax options for the dsget command are described in Table 10-5.

Table 10-5 Options for the dsget command

Option Description


Retrieves the discovery string from the Grid Plug and Play (GPnP) profile and the one that is set in the Oracle ASM instance. It returns one row each for the profile and parameter setting. This is the default setting.


Retrieves the ASM_DISKSTRING parameter setting of the Oracle ASM instance.

--profile [-f]

Retrieves the discovery string from the GPnP profile. If -f is specified with --profile, dsget retrieves the discovery string from the local GPnP profile.


The following example uses dsget to retrieve the current discovery diskstring value from the GPnP profile and the ASM_DISKSTRING parameter.

Example 10-6 Using the ASMCMD dsget command

ASMCMD [+] > dsget
profile: /devices1/disk*
parameter: /devices2/disk*