Oracle ACFS Command-line Tools for Linux Environments

Table 16-1 contains a summary of the Oracle ACFS commands for Linux environments. The commands in Table 16-1 have been extended with additional options to support Oracle ACFS. All other Linux file system commands operate without change for Oracle ACFS.

For example, Oracle ACFS adds a set of Oracle ACFS-specific mount options to those provided with the base operating system platform. You should review both the mount options for the Linux platforms in addition to the Oracle ACFS-specific options for the complete set of file system mount options.

File systems on Oracle ADVM volumes that are not Oracle ACFS file systems, such as ext3, are managed with the same Linux commands that are listed in Table 16-1 using the file-specific options for the type of file system. You can refer to the man pages for options available for the Linux commands in Table 16-1.


When using Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) in enforcing mode with Oracle ACFS, ensure that the Oracle ACFS file systems are mounted with an SELinux default context. Refer to your Linux vendor documentation for information about the context mount option.

Table 16-1 Summary of Oracle ACFS commands for Linux environments

Command Description


Checks and repairs an Oracle ACFS file system.


Creates an Oracle ACFS file system.


Mounts an Oracle ACFS file system.


Dismounts an Oracle ACFS file system.