Sets an Oracle ASM Filter Driver label to the specified disk.

Syntax and Description

afd_label afd_label disk_path [--migrate | --rename]

The syntax options for the afd_label command are described in Table 10-26.

Table 10-26 Options for the afd_label command

Option Description


Specifies an Oracle ASM Filter Driver label.


Specifies the path to the disks to which the label is applied.


Specifies to migrate Oracle ASM Filter Driver disk labels to all disks in the disk_path..


Specifies to label a disk that was previously labeled.

For information about Oracle ASM Filter Driver, refer to "Oracle ASM Filter Driver".


The following example sets an Oracle ASM Filter Driver label to a specified disk.

Example 10-34 Using the afd_label command

ASMCMD [+] > afd_label 'disk0' '/dev/rdsk/mydisks/disk0'