Upgrade an Oracle ASM Instance

-upgradeASM upgrades an Oracle ASM instance from a previous release to the current software release.

Upgrading an Oracle ASM instance with ASMCA only updates the Oracle ASM instance software and does not configure Oracle Clusterware or the listener.

An Oracle ASM instance should be upgraded with Oracle Universal Installer (OUI). OUI automatically defaults to upgrade mode when it detects an Oracle ASM instance at a previous release level.


asmca -silent 
          [-asmsnmpPassword asmsnmp_password] 

The options available with the -upgradeASM command are common to multiple commands. For a description of those options, see Table 9-1.


To upgrade an Oracle ASM instance:

Example 9-3 Using asmca -silent -upgradeASM

asmca -silent
          -asmsnmpPassword my_asmsnmp_passwd