Single-Instance Database on a Cluster Running from an Oracle RAC-Enabled Home

Perform the following procedures to convert a single-instance database on a cluster node running from an Oracle home that has the Oracle RAC option enabled.

  1. Use DBCA to create a preconfigured image of your single-instance database as described in "Use DBCA to Create an Image of the Single-Instance Database" To perform the conversion manually, shut down the single-instance database.

  2. Add nodes to your cluster. Ensure that all nodes can access the shared storage used by Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RAC.

    See Also:

    Oracle Clusterware Administration and Deployment Guide for information about adding and connecting nodes to a cluster

  3. From the existing Oracle home, extend this home to the new nodes.

    See Also:

    "Adding Oracle RAC to Nodes with Oracle Clusterware Installed" for information about extending the Oracle home to nodes

  4. From a newly added node, configure the listeners on the additional nodes using NETCA. Choose the same port number and protocol that you used on the existing node. If NETCA displays the existing node in the node list page, then do not select this node, because the listener is already configured on it.

  5. Convert the database using one of the following procedures: