srvctl modify gns

Modifies the IP address, domain, or other configuration parameters used by GNS.


This command is only available with Oracle Clusterware.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl modify gns command with one of the following syntax models:

srvctl modify gns -loglevel log_level 

srvctl modify gns [-resolve name] [-verify name] 
   [-parameter  name:value[,name:value...]] [-vip {vip_name | ip} [-skip]]
   [-clientdata file_name] [-verbose]

Table A-79 srvctl modify gns Parameters

Parameter Description
-loglevel log_level

Specify the GNS diagnostic logging level (acceptable values are 1-6)

-resolve name

Resolve the name you specify through GNS

-verify name

Check to see if the specified name is advertised through GNS

-parameter name:value

Set the value of one or more configuration parameters

-vip vip_name | ip

Specify a VIP name or IP address on which GNS is to listen

Note: You can modify this attribute using Online Resource Attribute Modification.


Skip the reachability check of the VIP address

-clientdata file_name

Modifies the GNS client data with client data contained in the specified file


Verbose output


An example of this command is:

$ srvctl modify gns -vip