Enabling Tracing for Java-Based Tools and Utilities in Oracle RAC

All Java-based tools and utilities that are available in Oracle RAC are called by executing scripts of the same name as the tool or utility. This includes the Cluster Verification Utility (CVU), Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), the Net Configuration Assistant (NETCA), Server Control Utility (SRVCTL), and the Global Services Daemon (GSD). For example to run DBCA, enter the command dbca.

By default, Oracle Database enables traces for DBCA and the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA). For the CVU, GSDCTL, and SRVCTL, you can set the SRVM_TRACE environment variable to TRUE to make Oracle Database generate traces. Oracle Database writes traces to log files. For example, Oracle Database writes traces to log files in Oracle home/cfgtoollogs/dbca and Oracle home/cfgtoollogs/dbua for DBCA and DBUA, respectively.