srvctl disable instance

Disables an instance. If the instance that you disable with this command is the last enabled instance, then this operation also disables the database.


  • This command is only available with Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RAC.

  • If you run this command on an Oracle RAC One Node database, then the command returns an error instructing you to use the database noun, instead.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl disable instance command with the following syntax:

srvctl disable instance -db db_unique_name -instance instance_name_list

Table A-38 srvctl disable instance Parameters

Parameter Description
-db db_unique_name

Unique name for the database

-instance instance_name_list

Comma-delimited list of instance names


An example of this command is:

$ srvctl disable instance -db crm -instance "crm1,crm3"