A Server Control Utility Reference

Use the Server Control Utility (SRVCTL) to manage Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) configuration information. You can use SRVCTL commands to add, remove, start, stop, modify, enable, and disable a number of entities, such as databases, instances, listeners, SCAN listeners, services, Grid Naming Service (GNS), and Oracle ASM.

Some SRVCTL operations modify the configuration data stored in the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR). SRVCTL performs other operations, such as starting and stopping instances, by sending requests to the Oracle Clusterware process (CRSD), which then starts or stops the Oracle Clusterware resources.


To manage Oracle ASM on Oracle Database 12c installations, use the SRVCTL binary in the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home for a cluster (Grid home). If you have Oracle RAC or Oracle Database installed, then you cannot use the SRVCTL binary in the database home to manage Oracle ASM.

See Also:

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