Global Services

Oracle RAC supports database services and enables service-level workload management across instances in a single cluster. Global services provide dynamic load balancing, failover, and centralized service management for a set of replicated databases that offer common services. The set of databases may include Oracle RAC and non-clustered Oracle databases interconnected by Oracle Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate, or any other replication technology.

When you create and use global services, the following workload management features are available:

  • Ability to specify preferred and available databases for a global service

  • Handling of replication lag

  • Geographical affinity between clients and servers

  • Connection load balancing

  • Run-time load balancing

  • Inter-database service failover

  • Fast connection failover

  • Connect-time failover

  • Application Continuity

  • Transaction Guard

  • Backward compatibility with existing clients


You can manage instance placement of a global service within an Oracle RAC database with SRVCTL but you can only manage other global service attributes with GDSCTL.

See Also:

Oracle Database Global Data Services Concepts and Administration Guide for more information about configuring and using global services