Using a Fast Recovery Area in Oracle RAC

To use a fast recovery area in Oracle RAC, you must place it on an Oracle ASM disk group, a Cluster File System, or on a shared directory that is configured through a network file system file for each Oracle RAC instance. In other words, the fast recovery area must be shared among all of the instances of an Oracle RAC database. In addition, set the parameter DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST to the same value on all instances.

Oracle Enterprise Manager enables you to set up a fast recovery area. To use this feature:

  1. From the Cluster Database home page, click the Maintenance tab.

  2. Under the Backup/Recovery options list, click Configure Recovery Settings.

  3. Specify your requirements in the Fast Recovery Area section of the page.

  4. Click Help on this page for more information.

See Also:

Oracle Database Backup and Recovery User's Guide for information about setting up and configuring the fast recovery area