srvctl add scan

Adds Oracle Clusterware resources for the given SCAN. This command creates the same number of SCAN VIP resources as the number of IP addresses that SCAN resolves to, or 3 when network_number identifies a dynamic network and Oracle GNS configuration. For static networks, the addresses to which the SCAN resolves in DNS must match the address type of the subnet. For an IPv4 network, the SCAN must resolve to IPv4 addresses.


This command is only available with Oracle Clusterware.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl add scan command with the following syntax:

srvctl add scan -scanname scan_name [-netnum network_number]

Table A-16 srvctl add scan Parameters

Parameter Description
-scanname scan_name

A fully-qualified host name, which includes the domain name. If the network is dynamic, then you do not have to use fully-qualified host name but, if you choose to do so, then the domain must be the GNS subdomain.

Note: You can modify this attribute using Online Resource Attribute Modification.

-netnum network_number

The optional network number from which SCAN VIPs are obtained. If you do not specify this parameter, then the SCAN VIPs are obtained from the same default network from which the nodeapps VIP is obtained.


An example of this command is:

# srvctl add scan -scanname