srvctl status havip

Displays the status of all highly available VIPs (HAVIPs) (used for highly available NFS exports) in a cluster or one particular highly available VIP.


This command is only available with Oracle Clusterware.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl status havip command with the following syntax:

srvctl status havip [-id havip_name]

Table A-172 srvctl status havip Parameters

Parameter Description
-id havip_name

Specify the unique name of the HAVIP resource you want to display. If you do not specify this parameter, then SRVCTL displays the status of all HAVIPs known to Oracle Clusterware.


This command returns output similar to the following:

$ srvctl status havip

HAVIP ora.ha1.havip is enabled
HAVIP ora.ha1.havip is not running