Storage Management in Oracle RAC

You can create Oracle ASM disk groups and configure mirroring for Oracle ASM disk groups using the Oracle ASM configuration assistant (ASMCA). Alternatively, you can use Oracle Enterprise Manager to administer Oracle ASM disk groups after you have discovered the respective servers with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

The Oracle tools that you use to manage Oracle ASM, including ASMCA, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and the silent mode install and upgrade commands, include options to manage Oracle ASM instances and disk groups.

You can use the Cluster Verification Utility (CVU) to verify the integrity of Oracle ASM across the cluster. Typically, this check ensures that the Oracle ASM instances on all nodes run from the same Oracle home and, if asmlib exists, that it is a valid version and has valid ownership. Run the following command to perform this check:

cluvfy comp asm [-n node_list] [-verbose]

Replace node_list with a comma-delimited list of node names on which the check is to be performed. Specify all to check all nodes in the cluster.

Use the cluvfy comp ssa command to locate shared storage.

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