Removing Oracle RAC

This procedure removes the Oracle RAC software from the node you are deleting from the cluster and updates inventories on the remaining nodes.

  1. If there is a listener in the Oracle RAC home on the node you are deleting, then you must disable and stop it before deleting the Oracle RAC software. Run the following commands on any node in the cluster, specifying the name of the listener and the name of the node you are deleting:

    srvctl disable listener -listener listener_name -node name_of_node_to_delete
    srvctl stop listener -listener listener_name -node name_of_node_to_delete
  2. Run the following command from %ORACLE_HOME%\oui\bin on the node that you are deleting to update the inventory on that node:

    setup.exe -updateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=Oracle_home_location
    "CLUSTER_NODES={name_of_node_to_delete}" -local
  3. Deinstall the Oracle home from the node that you are deleting by running the following command from the Oracle_home\deinstall directory:

    deinstall -local
  4. Run the following command from the Oracle_home\oui\bin directory on any one of the remaining nodes in the cluster to update the inventories of those nodes, specifying a comma-delimited list of remaining node names:

    setup.exe -updateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=Oracle_home_location

If you have a shared Oracle RAC home, then append the -cfs option to the command example in this step and provide a complete path location for the cluster file system.