Influencing Interconnect Processing

Once your interconnect is operative, you cannot significantly influence its performance. However, you can influence an interconnect protocol's efficiency by adjusting the interprocess communication (IPC) buffer sizes.

The Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) stores your system's interconnect information. Use the Oracle Interface Configuration (OIFCFG) command-line utility oifcfg getif command or the OCRDUMP utility to identify the interconnect that you are using. You can then change the interconnect that you are using by running an OIFCFG command.

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Although you rarely need to set the CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS parameter, you can use it to assign a private network IP address or NIC as in the following example:


If you are using an operating system-specific vendor IPC protocol, then the trace information may not reveal the IP address.


You can also use OIFCFG command to assign private network or private IP addresses.

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Oracle Database Reference for more information about the CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS parameter