srvctl remove service

Removes the configuration for a service.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl remove service command as follows:

srvctl remove service -db db_unique_name -service service_name 
    [-instance instance_name] [-global_override]

Table A-137 srvctl remove service Parameters

Parameter Description
-db db_unique_name

Unique name for the database

-service service_name

Service name

-instance instance_name

Instance name of an administrator-managed database.

Note: This parameter can be used only for Oracle Clusterware.


Override value to operate on a global service. This parameter is ignored for a non-global service.


This command removes the sales service from all instances of the clustered database named crm:

$ srvctl remove service -db crm -service sales

The following example removes the sales service from a specific instance of the crm clustered database:

$ srvctl remove service -db crm -service sales -instance crm02