About Evaluating Performance in Oracle RAC Environments

You do not need to perform special tuning for Oracle RAC; Oracle RAC scales without special configuration changes. If your application performs well on a noncluster Oracle database, then it will perform well in an Oracle RAC environment. Many of the tuning tasks that you would perform on a noncluster Oracle database can also improve Oracle RAC database performance. This is especially true if your environment requires scalability across a greater number of CPUs.

Some of the performance features specific to Oracle RAC include:

  • Dynamic resource allocation

    • Oracle Database dynamically allocates Cache Fusion resources as needed

    • The dynamic mastering of resources improves performance by keeping resources local to data blocks

  • Cache Fusion enables a simplified tuning methodology

    • You do not have to tune any parameters for Cache Fusion

    • No application-level tuning is necessary

    • You can use a bottom-up tuning approach with virtually no effect on your existing applications

  • More detailed performance statistics

    • More views for Oracle RAC performance monitoring

    • Oracle RAC-specific performance views in Oracle Enterprise Manager