srvctl modify havip

Modifies a highly available VIP (HAVIP) (used for highly available NFS exports).


This command is only available with Oracle Clusterware.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl modify havip command with one of the following syntax models:

srvctl modify havip -id havip_name [-address {host_name | ip_address}
    [-netnum network_number] [-skip]] [-description text] [-homenode node_name]

Table A-80 srvctl modify havip Parameters

Parameter Description
-id havip_name

Specify the unique name for the HAVIP resource you want to modify.

-address {host_name |

Specify either a host name or an IPv4 IP address for the HAVIP you want to modify.

Note: You must configure the IPv4 IP address with a non-DHCP, non-round robin DNS address.

-netnum network_number

Optionally, you can change the network resource upon which the HAVIP depends. The default value for this optional parameter is 1.


Specify this parameter to skip checking the reachability of the IP address.

-description text

Specify a text description for the HAVIP.

-homenode node_name

Optionally, you can specify a preferred node or an empty string to clear the home node.

Usage Notes

  • You must run this command as root user on Linux and UNIX platforms.

  • Oracle does not support using IPv6 addresses.


An example of this command is:

# srvctl modify havip -id myhavip -address -netnum 2