srvctl relocate service

Temporarily relocates the specified service names from one specified instance to another specified instance. The srvctl relocate service command works on only one source instance and one target instance at a time, relocating a service from a single source instance to a single target instance.


This command is only available with Oracle Clusterware.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl relocate service command with the following syntax:

srvctl relocate service -db db_unique_name -service service_name {-oldinst 
    old_inst_name -newinst new_inst_name | -currentnode source_node -targetnode target_node}
    [-pq] [-force [noreplay]] [-eval] [-verbose]

Table A-119 srvctl relocate service Parameters

Parameter Description
-db db_unique_name

Unique name for the database

-service service_name

Service name

-oldinst old_instance_name

Old instance name

-newinst new_instance_name

New instance name

Note: If you are using an administrator-managed, then you must use the -oldinst and -newinst parameters and the target instance must be on the preferred or available list for the service.

-currentnode source_node

Name of the node where the service is currently running

-targetnode target_node

Name of node where the service should be relocated

Note: If you are using a policy-managed, then you must use the -currentnode and -targetnode parameters.


Performs the action on a parallel query service


Disconnect all sessions during stop or relocate service operations


Disables session replay during disconnection


Use this parameter to hypothetically evaluate the impact of the command on the system


Verbose output


To temporarily relocate a named service member for the crm service from the database instance crm1 to the database instance crm3:

$ srvctl relocate service -db crm -service crm -oldinst crm1 -newinst crm3