Restoring Backups from a Noncluster File System

The scheme that this section describes assumes that you are using the "Noncluster File System Local Archiving Scheme". In this scheme, each node archives locally to a different directory. For example, node1 archives to /arc_dest_1, node2 archives to /arc_dest_2, and node3 archives to /arc_dest_3. You must configure a network file system file so that the recovery node can read the archiving directories on the remaining nodes.

If all nodes are available and if all archived redo logs have been backed up, then you can perform a complete restore and recovery by mounting the database and running the following commands from any node:


Because the network file system configuration enables each node read access to the redo log files on other nodes, then the recovery node can read and apply the archived redo logs located on the local and remote disks. No manual transfer of archived redo logs is required.