srvctl import gns

The srvctl import gns command imports data from a file that you create when you run the Syntax and Parameters command. Use this command when you want to locate GNS to a different server cluster.

When you import GNS data, SRVCTL stores the credentials and places the record data into OCR. If another GNS instance is running or data for another instance is encountered during the import procedure, then an error occurs.

This command also makes the cluster in which you run it the server cluster.


This command is only available with Oracle Clusterware.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl import gns command with the following syntax:

srvctl import gns -instance path_to_file

Provide the fully-qualified file name of the file into which you exported the GNS data.

Usage Notes

  • You must run this command as root on Linux and UNIX platforms, or as an Administrator user on Windows platforms

  • You must manually copy the file into which you exported the GNS data from the location where you created it to a node in the cluster that you want to make a server cluster.

  • You can only run this command on a multicluster server


The following command imports the GNS data from a file named gns.txt:

# srvctl import gns -instance /temp/gnsdata/gns.txt